Aquinas College in Grand Rapids Michigan is the only university in the State of Michigan to offer a bachelor of science in interpretation and translation, let alone one available in three languages. Started in the Fall of 2015, the program is for those pursuing these skills in the French, Spanish and German languages. With the leadership of Michel Pichot, Ph.D., Katharina Häusler-Gross, Ph.D., and Marcos Romero, Ph.D., the program is now preparing undergraduate students for highly-sought positions in a variety of settings. The program will combine classes and coursework so that students may graduate with a fuller understanding of the mechanics and functionality of both their native tongue and their second language in practical contexts. As students leave the program, they will be prepared for careers in a variety of industries: education, healthcare and social assistance, interpreting and translation agencies at the federal and state levels, as well as local courts. Now teaching a program in one of the fastest growing global sectors, Dr. Pichot, Dr. Romero and Dr. Häusler-Gross are providing their students with a global education to pursue both local and international opportunities. For more information, visit: